You Can Rely On Us
Lexim is a chemicals company that specialises in supply of “smart chemicals” largely out of India & Middle East for varied applications.
Fair Value for Money
We endeavour, through our custom-designed chemicals, to offer overall financial benefit either through reduced dosage rate or improved recovery or other intangibles such as reduced occupational health and safety risks.
Consistently High Quality
We follow stringent and sophisticated manufacturing and quality control measures, which leads to consistency in good quality in each batch effectively eliminating one variable from daily operations.
High Integrity Packaging
We package our smart chemicals in quality bags that are custom designed for us to meet the appropriate international standards for its transport class. Further, our packaging is reinforced to withstand long periods of transit, storage and multiple handling without compromising the integrity of our chemicals.
Security of Supply
Despite being dependent on a number of providers in the various elements of the supply chain we through “micro-management” ensure delivery in full on-time. In instances of disruptions beyond our control, we leverage our network to make sure our customers do not run out of stock.

Who we are?

  • Lexim International is a privately owned company that specialises in the supply of custom-designed reagents for varied applications.
  • Lexim’s unique selling proposition is:
    • Fair value for money.
    • Consistently high quality.
    • High integrity packaging.
    • Never to run customers out of stock.
    • “You can rely on us”.
  • Our company’s philosophy is to offer our customers a “win-win” solution at all times.

Value Creation

Lexim has an extensive network of experts both from reputed universities as well as practitioners from the pertinent industries that allow it to “resolve problems” for its clients in a manner that truly creates value.


Lexim supplies a range of custom-designed collectors, frothers, depressants and other reagents with application in cell flotation of base metals but also other industries.


Lexim in collaboration with its partners offers a range of business solutions, including but not limited to problem-solving, plant performance optimization, logistics, and supply chain


Lexim has a range of specially designed chemicals in its portfolio that may be employed in a variety of industries.