Lexim’s specialty chemicals although developed for application in cell flotation of base metals find its application in a number of other manufacturing industries such as iron ore pelletising, paint, oil drilling, and others.

Mining place

Key advantages of Lexim’s offering are:

Good Value For Money​

i.e., they may not be the cheapest on the market in terms of dollar per tonnes but will offer an overall dollar benefit either through reduced dosage or improved recovery or other intangibles such as reduced occupational health and safety risks.

Consistently High Quality

i.e., stringent and sophisticated manufacturing and quality control measures adopted effectively provide consistency in quality from batch to batch effectively one variable from the mill’s daily operations.

Market Leading Packaging

i.e., the quality of bags is to highest international standards to withstand long periods in transit and storage without compromising the integrity of the reagent. More importantly our packaging is compliant with the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) code & the Advisory Committee on the Transport of Dangerous Goods (ACTDG). Further, our containers are packed with extra layer of caution to prevent any damage to the bags in sea voyages & multiple container handling at trans-shipment ports.

Reliability in Order Fulfilment

i.e., despite dependency on a number of providers in the various elements of the supply chain we through “micro-management” ensure delivery in full on-time. In instances of disruptions beyond our control, we leverage our network to make sure our customers do not run out of stock.

Other Industries

Lexim’s “bread and butter” range of chemicals also have application in a number of industries such as manufacturing of detergents, paints, paper and others.