Lexim in collaboration with its partners offers a range of business solutions, including but not limited to problem-solving, plant performance optimization, logistics, and supply chain management.

lexim services

Performance Optimisation

Lexim employ experts in mineral processing from its allied network to work closely both with mill as well as commercial personnel that leads to deliver performance optimisation.

We assist our customers to develop the pertinent business case for either capital expenditure or introduction of new reagents / improved operating practices.

We also offer training at the plant level at a cost.will


Solution to Specific Problem

Lexim has access to a team of dedicated mineral processing experts, both from reputed universities as well as practitioners aligned to reagent manufacturers.

We leverage our experts to develop solutions to specific problems, which includes a period of due diligence and subsequently spending time in the plant to diagnose the problem, develop the solution and then to implement the solution.

These services are offered at a cost.


Logistics Solution

Lexim takes pride in developing customised supply chain solution to customer’s specific requirements.

We work closely with the logistics personnel at the mine to develop a cost-effective solution which may include the appropriate size of bulk bags, consignment size, configuration of the trade route and others.


Order Tracking

As part of our services, we offer order tracking facility whereby the customer could track the status of their based on their own purchase order / Lexim nominated tracking number specific to the purchase order.



Lexim remains prepared to assist its customers on issues outside its remit or expertise by offering its project management expertise.

Lexim also assists its customers in getting specific tests conducted with independent laboratories.